Maintain your health with custom shaker bottles

Health has always been the most important aspect of our lives, it is important for us to take care of our health. At the end of the day, you need to understand that health is wealth. When your health degrades, you work and your life will suffer at the end of it. Thus, when you are working tirelessly in a corporate job, sometimes you forget to take care of yourselves. So, it is time to maintain your body and health!
Gym is not the only solution to fix your health but you must pay heed to your diet, sleep and a lot of minor activities as well. Find the best designed custom shaker bottles suitable to your needs and you will be surprised to see what goodness can do to your body. A bit of exercise, a bit of diet and a bit of protein and mineral intakes would make your life a more fulfilling journey.
Hydration is one of the most widely recommended elements of healthy living. Every form of hydrating your body is crucial and it is a misconception that your body can only hydrate with water. The adequate intake of total beverages for men is roughly 13 cups (3 liters) per day, and for women about 9 cups (2.2 liters) per day. What you can do is, if you find it hard or boring to drink 13 cups of plain water everyday, you can always switch to juice, protein or a low sugar coffee. Any form of liquid can hydrate your body and if you are having a protein drink or juice, you will benefit much more than just hydration as well.
If you are trying to promote health awareness among the country or a specific area in a particular budget, sharing some cool promotional drinkware is an integral component in the list of merchandise. You can provide these cool drinkware for health and wellness promotions. These are custom shaker bottles which can be created with varied designs and logos as per your requirement. It has the ability to hydrate and you can mix it with powdered supplements for pre-workout, post-workout and general meal replacement. Whether the recipient is an avid fitness lover or a newbie, people will always appreciate being given a quality shaker bottle. They will feel encourages, boosted and overwhelmed by the gesture. The newbies might even get motivated to workout by having a new cool bottle.
Custom shaker bottle is also a good investment choice for your advertising or promotional events, gyms, schools and anywhere you find it relevant. The bottle has an internal mixing mechanism that simply works by shaking. Since there are many types of shaker bottles with different features and functions, you can customize varied designs to differentiate sections as well.