Custom shaker bottles: the ideal shaker for your beverage

What is your preparation before the workout? Do you know it is a crime to go to the workout completely without any food? Yes, it is surely suggested that you do not over-eat before hitting the gym but it is also strongly recommended to hit the gym after eating something nutritious. When you go to the gym without eating anything you get nausea, sickness and eventually you can faint or vomit on the spot.

Most of the gym instructors strictly guides the trainees to eat 1-2 bananas before hitting the gym, or almonds, bread, egg, etc. as per the body type of the trainee. Custom shaker bottles are another great solution to your problem. If you are not an early riser, you can simply put the milk and protein powder into the bottle and shake it well, and your protein will be ready in no time.

The shaker bottle we offer is one of the star product in our collection. It features leak-proof guarantee and unbeatable mixing solutions, these bottles are custom made to fulfill your healthy needs. The elegant design is completely thought out in blend with the trend. With rubber over-molding and flip cap, these are made in different designs which are easy to carry.

There are both options for wide and narrow mouth, you can sip the drink with narrow mouth in ease and the wide mouth will help you put all the ingredients into the bottle at ease. We also provide custom shaker bottles which are embossed with measurements markings for measuring the amount of liquid you require. Our custom shaker bottles make a statement that you take your diet and workouts seriously.

Our custom shaker bottle is the ideal shaker for your beverage of choice, you can put any ingredients into the bottle and shake into your drink. Shake for about 45 seconds and enjoy the day of bliss.