Custom shaker bottles: essential for body builders

 A shaker bottle, that is most commonly called as protein shaker bottle is a container measuring and mixing protein shake powder with water, milk and various other liquids. However, you have a better option as it is possible to stir the shake mix into the liquid. But it is not effective as it can leave clumps in the drink that are unappetizing. This is the main reason behind selection of the best quality shaker bottles that come with a gamut of added features and benefits.


Athletes, adventure tour enthusiasts, bodybuilders and those who are involved in different workout activities, getting extra supplements is a common phenomenon. They need something that can help them in mixing and shaking their supplements well in the right way for health benefits. For this, you need custom shaker bottles that are easy to use, multi-functional and hygienic. Such bottles are ideal to use for different drinks and shakes that include, but not limited to milk, drinks, cream, yogurt, smoothies and energy drinks.


For body builders, sportsmen and those who are very conscious to health and have added protein or other supplements in their diet to take them directly (as per the healthcare experts or dietician’s suggestions), keeping a custom shaker bottle in the bag is essential.


These bottles are available in a variety of designs, styles, color combinations, shapes and sizes that are easy to carry anywhere during your workout activities. Interesting thing associated with custom shaker bottles is that you can also use for shaking and mixing salad dressing and dry spice powders. They are safe for freezer, dishwasher, microwave and hot liquid upto 120 degree Celsius. There is a lot more associated with custom shaker bottles